Meet The Founder

Nikki Hall, the visionary and creative mind behind Bair Bikini, was born and raised in the vibrant paradise of Jamaica, where her deep-rooted connection to the island lifestyle has ignited her passion for creating swimwear. As a fashion influencer and content creator, Nikki's innate sense of style and love for "dressing the part" makes her the perfect candidate to launch a bikini line that embodies the beauty, passion, and confidence of the women from her homeland.
"It was such an impeccable experience, growing up in Jamaica. The women there, exude, beauty, passion, and confidence. I remember every event to be a massive celebration, and for every occasion you HAD to dress the part! Styling each outfit with the boldest accessories, and the vibrant colors mating each outfit together… I wanted to relate that memory to my brand, because it was more about the art, and thought that went into styling and creating a look and more so how each person appeared so uber confident from wearing each look." Nikki has dedicated herself to curating collections of bikinis that not only accentuate the natural beauty of women, but also empower them to embrace their unique style. 
Having worked with various brands in the fashion industry, Nikki's experiences have greatly influenced her decision to start her own business; collaborating with different brands has given her insight into the intricacies of the industry, allowing her to understand the needs and desires of her target audience. This knowledge has fueled her ambition to create a brand that not only meets the expectations of her customers, but exceeds them.
Nikki's vision for Bair Bikini is to create a brand that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity. Through her designs, she aims to empower woman of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. "I want women around the world to know that beauty is not the size of your body, it's how you feel and present yourself. When you introduce that type of confidence to the world, then they will have no choice but to believe that confidence because YOU are confident".
Embrace the allure of Nikki's designs and embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment with Bair Bikini.



The visionary and creative mind behind Bair Bikini.